Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tzaims Luksus' Masterpiece

Fabric makes fashion. Without it you must go naked. Putting on "weeds", as clothes once were called, since one used weeds to cover themselves, started the trend to dress not only for warmth but to hide oneself for various reasons. Weeds could be beautiful and many contained flowers or wonderfully coloured leaves and stems. It took millions of years until finally Tzaims Luksus created these masterful weeds to wear both to be warm and to hide in and which will never fade or fall apart. For Tzaims...it was just the beginning of creating and dominating the fabric and garment throughout the world making him the quintessential designer and couturier. No one has achieved this before or since. This breathtaking masterpiece is now among other masterpieces he has achieved and will continue to achieve.

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